Hope in the face of suffering   JM1  

We were privileged to have Jeremy Marshall come and talk to us on Saturday 22nd April about living with hope in the face of incurable cancer.  

You can listen to his talk HERE.

(He was very unwell at the time which is reflected in the quality of the audio).

Jeremy is the former CEO of the UK’s oldest private bank.  He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2013. He was 49 years old, happily married with three children. After undergoing surgery and radiotherapy, Jeremy was declared cancer-free. But three years later he was diagnosed with cancer again, this time in a different form and was told it was incurable.  He’s since written two books - Beyond the Big C and Hope in the Face of Suffering - recording his extraordinary relationship with cancer and how to live with hope in the face of an incurable condition.  Copies of both books were given away at the talk.

Below are some photos from the evening.




JM4           big c