Christmas 2020             hope

It has been a strange and tough year that has reminded us what as human beings we long for most - love, a relationship, and close contact with those we care about.  It's made us appreciate the value of community and be thankful for every act of kindness.

And it's shown us how fragile and uncertain life is.  

This time last year none of us had any idea what 2020 would bring.  2021 is equally unknown. But at Christmas we celebrate the certain hope that Jesus brings to our uncertain world.  He shines a light in the darkness, offers peace in distress, forgiveness and renewal, and a hope that's not just for tomorrow but also for today.

Jesus said, "I am the light of the world.                  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,            but will have the light of life."

We'd love to share that light with you and invite you to join us this Christmas.  

Come along in person any Sunday at 10.30am.  Spaces are limited due to the need to social distance, so drop us a line (contact details below) to book your place.

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